TrackR Review: Can You Really Stop Losing Your Items?

TrackR is a product that seems too good to be true. You know those times when you misplace things? I always tend to forget where I put my car keys, remote and even my cell phone – on occasion.

You can locate these items with TrackR.

But does it really work? Can you really track all of your items? Did you read a TrackR review and think: this must be a fraud?

Let’s find out the truth behind TrackR.

What is TrackR?

TrackR is the key (no pun intended) to finding those lost  keys, misplaced cell phones and other items you can’t seem to put in the right spot every day. TrackR has lured in millions of people who are tired of misplacing their items.

TrackR is a Bluetooth tracker that helps you keep track of any item you attach the device to.

How Does TrackR Work?

So, how does TrackR work anyway? It’s actually, quite simple. You see, TrackR is a small, coin-sized device that you can attach to any item you want. Actually, the name of the small device is TrackR Bravo.

You’ll simply attach the TrackR to your device, we’ll use your iPad as an example.

If you wanted to keep track of your iPad, you can attach the Bravo to the device and you’ll never lose it again. But what happens if you attach it to your phone? Well, there’s a solution to that problem, too.

You simply hit the button on your TrackR bravo.

The missing phone will ring. If you can’t hear the phone, you can look at the TrackR Crowd Locate feature which will tell you the last spot where your phone was located. All you need to do is go back to this location, pick up your phone and be on your way.

Designed by Chris and Christian, TrackR works through Bluetooth technology.

Coin-sized, you can attach your TrackR bravo to anything you would like to track. The accompanying app allows you to “ring” the TrackR bravo to help you find your lost item in seconds.

It really works.

The item works both ways. You can have the bravo find your phone – it’s genius.

But it gets even better.

Remember that Crowd feature we mentioned earlier? You’ll be able to utilize the company’s entire network of users to find your device. This is really neat, so let me try to explain just a little better.

  • You attach your TrackR bravo to your purse.
  • You go to the bathroom on a road trip and forget your pursue in the stall.
  • You start down the road and suddenly panic trying to find your purse.

Now what?

If you’re within 100 feet of the device, you’ll be able to ring it and communicate with it. Those that have ventured off too far will be the ones struggling with what to do. The Crowd feature will utilize anyone in the company’s network to find your device.

Users will pick up the bravo’s signal from as close as 100 feet to the object.

TrackR user phones that do pick up your item will then alert you automatically of where your item was last seen.

It’s a great way to keep track of everything including your keys, pursue, bicycle and phone.

Do You Really Need TrackR?

Yes. No. Maybe? Your life will go on without TrackR by your side, but then again, you’ll lose a lot of items along the way. I can’t count how many times I lose common items. I’ve lost my keys and the television remote more times that I would like to admit.

TrackR would have saved me a lot of time wasted.

I could have found all of these items in minutes rather than spending hours ripping off couch cushions and trying to find your lost item.

So, do you really need this item?


But it’s a great addition to my life. I think TrackR will save you countless hours and headaches trying to find your precious items.

I do recommend TrackR.

How to Use TrackR Properly

I can’t go any further without explaining how to use TrackR properly. I mean, it’s super easy to setup, and it’s the best solution for finding lost items – if it’s attached to the item. I can find anything of value when I have a bravo attached.

If you want to track an item, it’s easy:

  • Attach the bravo.
  • Install your phone app if you haven’t already.

And that’s pretty much it. When you use TrackR, you’ll unlock some of the world’s most advanced tracking. The features speak for themselves:

Distance Indicator

Scratching your head trying to figure out if you’re even in the same room as your tracked device? The distance indicator will start to change as you move closer to your item to tell you when you’re on the right track to finding the item.

Think of this as “you’re getting hotter” when searching for an item.

Item Ringer

If you can’t get a visual of the item, you may be wondering what TrackR can do to help. TrackR can do a lot. Not only will you be able to rely on the distance indicator but you’ll also be able to ring your item.


Tap the item ringer, and the TrackR ring will make a noise. This has helped me find my keys under a pile of mail in the past.

Phone Finder

Okay, if you’re like me, you’re probably thinking: what if I lose my phone? Good question. TrackR requires extensive use of your phone, so if you lose your phone, you’re out of luck – right? Wrong.

Your TrackR device will have a button that you can hit to locate your phone.

The phone will start to ring using the TrackR device to help you locate your phone. It’s genius, and even if your phone is on silent, you’ll be able to locate it fairly quickly.

Family Sharing

Your family can always use a Bluetooth tracker, and TrackR offers family sharing options. The same bravo can be tracked from multiple phones. TrackR’s bravo can be placed on your shared items, such as your car keys, which you and your spouse will be able to ring whenever the item is lost.

Crowd Locate

I’ve talked a bit about the crowd locate feature, but to go a bit further, this is a crowd-sourced, secure network that’s used to locate your things. Any time someone comes close to your item, it will be updated in the network so that you know where your item is located.

And these are just some of the features that I love about TrackR.

Not to mention that the aluminum construction is super lightweight, slim and durable. Wallet-thin in design, you can even place the tracker in your wallet to track your items – it’s that small.

But there’s one key feature I haven’t mentioned yet.

Separation alerts. TrackR has custom separation alerts that will start to notify you when you’re getting separated from an item. Let’s say you start walking out of the store without an item that is being tracked. You’ll receive a custom alert to say, “Hey, aren’t you missing something?”  

Yup, you’ll even be alerted during the separation process.

Does TrackR Really Work with Amazon’s Alexa?

Yes. Amazon’s Alexa, an awesome device that’s definitely worth checking out, is 100% compatible with TrackR. What Alexa allows you is to use your voice to find your phone. All you have to do is say “Alexa, ask TrackR to find my phone”.

The rest is history.

Alexa will ring the device for you. It’s super simple, and you don’t even need to get off the couch to find your item.

I love this feature when trying to find my remote.

I also use this feature to scare my guests who don’t expect the remote to start ringing right next to them.

But why has Amazon chosen to allow Alexa to speak to TrackR? The companies have a long history. You may not know this, but Amazon invested $50 million into TrackR. The funding, part of TrackR’s Series B funding round, was given through the Amazon Alexa Fund.

Integrating Alexa into TrackR seems to have paid off for the company.

Amazon invested in the company to:

  • Help expand the company’s vision
  • Help fuel the company’s growth
  • Help the company add more features to TrackR

TrackR, which received $60 million in funding through the two funding rounds, was primarily backed by Amazon.

If you know anything about Amazon, you know that the company only invests in the world’s best products and innovations. The company, at the time of the investment, stated that they will use the funding to build out their technology and grow their user base.

Alexa has even been integrated to reveal the address of the last location of the phone.

With Amazon’s backing, we expect TrackR to be a company that will be around for a long time.

What We Like About TrackR

TrackR is a product that continues to get better, and the company is working on expanding the item’s features and accuracy. We really like that this product is:

  • Great for helping you find lost items
  • Works flawlessly with Amazon Alexa (a BIG plus)
  • Heavily invested into by Amazon

This is the only Bluetooth tracking device that works with Amazon’s Alexa, so keep that in mind if you’re a huge Alexa fan, too.

A Few Things We Didn’t Like

There are a few things that we thought TrackR could have done better. While rather minor, we think the biggest negatives of this product are:

  • It’s not a GPS tracker; it’s a Bluetooth tracker
  • TrackR only works in Bluetooth range

Again, this is how the company has chosen to design their product, and it works well. I might complain if they didn’t offer the Crowd Locate feature, but they do, and the feature works well. You’ll be able to locate your items even if they are nowhere near you.

But if you’re out of Bluetooth range and no one is in the area, you won’t know where your item is.

TrackR runs on a CR1620 battery and utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 technology to run. The range of the Bluetooth is 100 feet, and apps are available on iOS and Android.

Delivery, Shipping and Warranty Information

TrackR’s investment from Amazon says it all: the company is backed by a competent team of owners, engineers and managers. The company’s product is top-notch, and they offer a 30-day exchange policy.

If something is amiss with the product when it arrives at your home, initiate a refund or exchange.

Customer service will walk you through the process.

There is a one-year, limited warranty that protects you from any potential product defects.

If you order from the company, you’ll have the item shipped right to your door. Shipping is quick and efficient, and you’ll be able to choose several payment methods, including PayPal and Amazon Pay.

Shipping is super-fast, and you can choose your desired shipping method.

Other Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing

TrackR is a reliable company with reliable customer service. TrackR does have a small maintenance cost of having to replace the battery every year, but there is no getting around this with a portable device.

I recommend that you purchase TrackR from the link at the end of this article for best results.

And if you buy multiple TrackR devices, you’ll actually save some money along the way, too. I will give you an example:

  • Buy 1 TrackR pack for $24.99
  • Buy 4 TrackR packs for $99.99

There’s no difference between these two, but when you buy 5 or 6 TrackR devices, you’ll receive 3 and 6 devices for free, respectively. This is a savings of $75 or $150, depending on which package you pick.

Talk about savings.

If you’re a single person, you may not need more than the single or four pack, but if you have a larger family and plan to use the shared option, go with the bigger packs to save more money. It’s definitely worth the minor increase in price when you buy five or six devices and get a bunch for free.

Never lose an item again when you choose TrackR.

It’s the key to finding those pesky items that always seem to go missing: keys, remotes, wallets – you know – all of your most precious items.

Click here to buy TrackR at a special discounted price today.